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FAQ  //  Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Zipit® is a design house specialized in design, manufacturing and sales of specialty concept bags and cases.

Zipit® bags and cases are designed for the young-at heart and combines pure fun with witty untraditional design.

Who invented the first ZipIt bag?

The first ZipIt bag was invented by Ishay Halmut, a young student who developed it during his studies in Israel.

When were the first ZipIt zipper bags launched?

The first ZipIt zipper bags appeared at a Designers Show organized by a prestigious fashion and engineering college where Ishay studied.

What is the Classic ZipIt zipper bag?

The Classic ZipIt zipper bag is a unique and innovative concept of handbags. It revolutionizes the idea that a bag should come assembled. It is a long strip of unzipped zipper that becomes a beautiful handbag once zipped.

When was ZipIt Ltd. founded?

In 2005, one year after Ishay created his first zipper bag, a group of businessmen, aiming to maximize the potential of new innovative ideas, joined forces with Ishay and established ZipIt Ltd.

How was the name ‘ZipIt’ chosen?

It is pretty simple…The zipper bag is created from a long strip of a zipper. You can zip it into a cool bag, purse, tote or case and unzip it for storage.

What are Zipit® bags made of?

All our bags are made of 100% knitted polyester with a Zinc puller. Our packaging is made from environment-friendly paper.

How strong are the bags?

Very Strong!

Quality and durability are top priorities; we design and manufacture our bags to carry high weights and to last a lifetime.

Can I wash my Zipit® bag?

Yes you can.

Zipit® bags are washable and can be washed with other clothes.

Make sure to zip your bag before washing, machine wash at max. 30°C/86°F Gentle Cycle. Do not Bleach, Iron, Dry clean or Tumble dry.

Are Zipit® bags patented

Zipit® products are copyrighted & protected by international trademarks and patent laws.

How can I contact you?

To see our contact information, please visit the Contact section of our website, here. 

How do I become a zipit reseller?

We’re continually seeking to extend our business, whether with new retailers or distributor.

For any inquiry about our reseller program in Ireland please contact us.